A.H. Riise Caramel / Seasalt / XO Rum 17% 0.7l

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Mahukaal 0.93 ühik
AH Riise Liqueur pays homage to one of the most enterprising Danes, Albert Heinrich Riise, who successfully ran his pharmacy in Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas from 1838 to 1878. The basis for this liqueur is AH Riise XO Reserve Rum. This is mixed with fresh cream and caramel, finished with a spicy, light and freshly salted aftertaste. Scent: light notes of rum and old-fashioned cream and caramel, salty finish. Aftertaste: Warm rum note with a rich creamy note, whereby the oak can be felt in the distance. Comment: Enjoy the cold on the rocks, maybe in your coffee or stirred with your homemade vanilla softice!

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