A.H. Riise Non Plus Ultra 42% 0.7l

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Mahukaal 0.93 ühik
Non Plus Ultra is the new “Ultra Premium” Rome, which completes our AH Riise range. and marked the limit of the known world. The pillars bore the inscription “Non Plus Ultra” (Latin) in English: “Nothing Further Beyond” as a warning to seafarers not to continue and to sail into the unknown. This Rome lives up to its name “Non Plus Ultra”, which loosely translated means “The Best” or “Nothing after this”. It’s the best and oldest rum we have. Non Plus Ultra is hand mixed by our “Master Distiller” who personally selects each dish that is included in the finished rum. This rum has a beautiful dark mahogany color with an elegant, spicy bouquet with notes of molasses, oak, Tobacco and orange. “
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