A.H. Riise Royal Danish Navy Strenght 55% 0.7l

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Mahukaal 0.93 ühik
This rum is hand blended in small quantities of various up to 20 year old rum distillates of the “Vedderburn and Plummer” type, which are molasses-based rum made by slow fermentation. It is distilled in the traditional “pot still” for rum with an alcohol content of 65% and not cold filtered or caramel added. This gives the Navy Rum an extremely dark, almost black color with complex tones of coffee, anise, roasted caramel molasses, spices and cedar. Combined with an exotic and elegant taste of Pomeranian fruits and bergamot fruits. The finish has a long, full-bodied and sweet aftertaste that harmonizes perfectly with the Navy’s original rum alcohol content of 55%.
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