Bacardi Carta Negra 40% 1L

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In 1862, Don Facundo Bacardi, a wine and brand merchant in the small town of Santiago De Cuba, founded the first rum factory on the island of Cuba. His idea was to “civilize” a drink that
had hitherto been robust and had an unpleasant aroma and taste. Bacard succeeded in softening the taste of the drink during charcoal filtration and distilling a light-tasting
rum in a completely new process at that time , which could be drunk both genuine and used successfully in mixed drinks. With this, Bacardi’s rum began its victory all over the world.

Years after Don Facundo’s innovative ideas, which fundamentally changed rum production, Bacardi rum is very highly recognized and valued around the world and has found widespread use. Today, Bacardi is the best-selling rum in the world, having won more than 150 awards and recognitions at various exhibitions and confirming the high quality of the entire product line.

Bacardi Carta Negra is a dark rum with a full aroma bouquet and caramel taste.

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