Old Tobago Black Rum 37.5% 1 l

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Old Tobago rum is named after the island of Tobago in the Caribbean archipelago. The island became known for its successful and extensive cultivation of sugar cane. Sugar cane growers became prosperous, and as a result, the expression “as rich as a Tobago planter” became one of London’s rich. Growers there made a significant contribution to the history of rum, which is still present today. One of the most successful sugar cane growers was Sir William Henry, who lived in the Caribbean archipelago in the 18th century. His biggest passion was making rum, and even today Old Tobago rum is made according to an original recipe he created.

High-quality sugar cane molasses has been used in the production of Black Rum. The taste profile is strongly influenced by the fruity notes, the tone is also given by caramel and a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Suitable for use in various cocktails.

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