Le Sud Merlot 12.5% 3 l BIB

7.99 Including vat; does not include transport

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Mahukaal 3.17 ühik

This bag-in-box red wine is extremely popular because it is made from the delicious and distinctive Merlot grapes. The grapes are grown in the exclusive and natural Vin de Pays wine region in France. This red wine is for you if you are looking for a tasty wine that has a round and smooth taste. Le Sud Merlot is therefore ideal if you need a light meat dinner or a larger cheese board. Part of the uniqueness of this red wine is undoubtedly the color. Le Sud Merlot is therefore characterized by a very deep and ruby red color that makes the taste experience a better tooth, as you really feel like you are drinking one of the best wines in France. Remember to serve the wine at a temperature of around 17 degrees for the best taste experience.

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