Delivery in European countries

Purchase and ordering from another European country

Imports of excise goods (alcohol, tobacco products) According to Article 32 (1) of the EU Excise Directive (2008/118 / EC), excise duty is levied on “excise goods acquired by a private individual for their own use, and transported from one Member State to another by them, shall be charged only in the Member State in which the excise goods are acquired.” Pursuant to subsection 72 (1) of the Excise Duty Act (182/2010), excise duty is not levied on products released for consumption in another Member State which an individual acquires for their own use and brings home. Cigarettes, cigars, rolling tobacco and pipe tobacco, nicotine liquid and herbal smoking products can be imported in limited quantities. You can import alcohol and tobacco products duty-free for your personal consumption, i.e. for yourself, your family or as a gift.

Ordering from webshop

Alcoholic beverages and tobacco ordered from EU states do not have to be cleared through customs, yet excise duty is payable on these products. Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products can be imported tax-free only if you have purchased them for your own use and transported them to the country of location yourself. If you order alcoholic beverages from another EU country and do not transport the products to the host country, but arrange the transport of the products yourself, this is called “distance purchasing” and you are required to pay the excise duties (alcohol excise duty and packaging excise duty) in force in the country of your residence. If the seller of the goods (webshop) organises the carriage of the products to your country of location and pays the required excise duties on your behalf, this is then called “distance selling”. When buying alcohol and tobacco, the different age restrictions in force in the EU states also need to be observed.

How does it work?

1) You place an order in webshop and pay for the goods.
2) If you selected that delivery service will pick up your product, then you need to go to delivery service website and purchase delivery service there separately.

3) Delivery company must contact us before they come and pick up the items. Before they come, they need to send us also the packing slips and required documentation!!!

PS! Maximum weight for 1 package is 26 kg! Our package boxes dimensions are:  36 x 27 x 40,5 cm
Please pay attention of how many packages or pallets your order has. It is shown in shopping cart.