Terms & conditions


1.1. These terms and conditions of sale (hereinafter: terms and conditions) of the ALKOSTAR e-shop (hereinafter: e-shop) are valid when purchasing from the e-shop at the Internet address alkostar.eu. The terms and conditions regulate the legal relations that arise between the seller (Rabavälja OÜ, reg. nr: 12688964, Vilja 16B, Võru, Estonia) and the buyer of products in the e-shop (hereinafter: customer).

1.2. The seller has the right to unilaterally change and supplement the terms and conditions by publishing the new terms and conditions on the Internet address www.alkostar.eu. If the customer places an order before the changes to the conditions take effect, the conditions valid at the time of placing the order apply.

1.3. When using the online environment of the e-shop in a language other than German, the terms and conditions are reflected in English.

1.4. The customer agrees with the provisions of the terms and conditions by confirming the e-shop order.

1.5. The pictures of the products in the online environment of the e-shop have illustrative meaning.

1.6. The contact details of the customer service of the e-shop are: info@alkostar.eu


2.1. Orders can be placed in the e-shop either by logging in as a client or as an anonymous client.

2.2. The client selects the desired product/products from the e-shop and adds them to the order (“shopping cart”).

2.3. Alcohol products are only sold to adult customers who have confirmed at the time of order that they are at least 18 years old.

2.4. The customer confirms the order and pays for the entire order in the payment environments offered by the seller. Before payment, the customer checks that the products, quantities and prices reflected in the order correspond to the customer’s actual wishes.

2.5. After paying using the payment link, the customer must press the “Back to merchant” button.

2.6. The seller sends an automatic e-mail to the customer about the order and the receipt of payment.

2.7. The seller starts fulfilling the order when the customer has confirmed the order and paid for it in full. After completing the order, an invoice will be sent to the customer by e-mail . If there are any errors in the invoice delivery note (unwanted goods, quantities, etc.), you must immediately contact the customer service by e-mail or telephone.

2.8. In case purchased product is out of stock, seller has right to replace the product with similar or more expensive product.

2.9. If the seller is unable to replace the product the cost of the missing product will be refunded.

2.10. If the selling price and/or quantity of the replacement product is lower than the selling price and/or quantity of the product ordered by the customer, the seller shall return the difference between the selling price of the product and the replacement product to the customer. If the replacement product is more expensive than the ordered product, the customer does not have to pay extra.

2.11. The seller has the right to cancel the order by notifying the customer by e-mail of the reason


3.1. The prices of the products in the e-shop are given in euros. Product prices include statutory taxes. If you order alcoholic beverages from another EU country and do not transport the products to the host country, but arrange the transport of the products yourself, this is called “distance purchasing” and you are required to pay the excise duties (alcohol excise duty and packaging excise duty) in force in the country of your residence.

3.2. The customer pays for the order in advance in full.

3.3. The e-shop does not arrange or organise the transport of products in any way, therefore the amounts related to the transport service will not be added to the price of the products.

3.4. You can pay for the order by means shown in the online environment of the e-shop. A service fee may be added to the cost of the order in accordance with the agreement concluded between the customer and the issuer of the bank or credit card.


4.1. The ordered products can be delivered to the designated pick-up point (hereinafter: e-shop pick-up point). Address of the pickup point is: Heideland 3, 24976, Jarplund. The customer can pick up the goods themselves or get the goods via a courier provider ordered by the customer (hereinafter: courier).

4.2. Receipt of products at the e-shop pick-up point:

4.2.1. Products are available at the e-shop pick-up point for pick-up on all weekdays, from 08:00 to 17:00.

4.2.2.The products will be available at the e-shop pick-up point for 30 days from the confirmation of the order. If the customer or a chosen courier ordered by the customer appointed by the customer does not pick up the products related to the order within 30 days, the customer is considered to have breached the sales agreement and does not want the products. The seller has the right to unilaterally withdraw from the sales agreement and demand compensation for damage (for example, storage costs of products, unpacking costs) and set off the damage incurred by the seller with the amounts paid by the customer. All orders, for which customer has not organised transport within 45 days, will be refunded to the customer in the amount of 85% of the initial order amount.

4.2.3. The customer will receive the products upon presentation of an identity document (ID card, passport, driver’s license) and order number. In the absence of an identity document, the seller may refuse to issue the products.

4.2.4. If the products are picked up by a courier the products are handed over to the courier on the basis of the information provided by the customer to the seller.

4.2.5. The seller is not liable for the damage caused to the customer, if the persons who picked up the products provide the seller with incorrect or misleading information, as a result of which the seller becomes misled and the customer suffers damage.

4.3. If upon receipt of the products, it becomes apparent that the products include unordered products, the customer must immediately notify our customer service.

4.4. The risk of damage or loss of the products passes to the customer, either when the products are handed over to the customer or a third party (including a courier) chosen by the customer.


5.1. The seller guarantees the use of personal data provided by the customer only in accordance with the legislation, in particular to the extent necessary for processing of the order. The seller does not transfer the customer’s personal data to third parties.

5.2. Personal data is the data that the customer submits when placing an order, creating a customer account and using the e-shop.

5.3. If a customer or e-shop visitor subscribes to the newsletter, the e-mail address entered when subscribing to the newsletter will be used for the e-shop’s own advertising purposes until the subscriber unsubscribes to the newsletter. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

5.4. More detailed conditions for the processing of personal data are regulated under the “Privacy Conditions” section of the e-shop.

5.5. If you have any questions about your personal data, information, rectification, transfer, blocking or deletion of data or withdrawal of consent, please contact the person responsible for the use of personal data: info@alkostar.eu.


6.1. Pursuant to European Union law, the consumer’s right of withdrawal and return does not extend to alcoholic beverages.

6.2. If customer has paid for the order using Paypal, then in case of return, money will returned within 25 days.

6.3. If the customer has purchased a product whose expiration date has passed and has not organized transport for this order, no refund will be made for these expired products in case of cancellation of the order. The rest of the products will be refunded if requested. These expired products will be disposed of. The expired product date is indicated in the product name. If the expiration date is not indicated in the product name, then the expiration date of such product has not arrived.


7.1. If the seller breaches their obligations, the customer has the right to demand performance of the obligation, refuse to perform his due obligation, demand compensation for damage, price reduction, default interest in case of delay in performance of the financial obligation or withdraw from the contract.

7.2. The seller shall not be liable for any damage or any other consequences arising from incorrect information provided by the customer during the execution of the order.

7.3. All products have been carefully selected and sorted to get the best possible products. If you receive a product that does not meet the standards, please contact our customer service by email as soon as possible and within 24 hours of receiving or picking up your order.


All logos, photos and other images on the e-shop website are protected by trademark and copyright laws. Any use without the consent of the e-shop, in particular the unauthorized downloading of pictures and photos, is prohibited and will result in civil or criminal liability.


The law of the Republic of Estonia applies.


All disputes shall be subject to the registered office of the seller: Lõõtsa 2b, 11415, Tallinn, Estonia.