Alsace Jean Biecher Pinot Gris 13% 0.75l

4.99 Including vat; does not include transport

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Mahukaal 0.93 ühik

Pinot Gris has a lovely yellow-gold or even amber colour. Generally less intense, yet with great aromatic complexity, Pinot Gris often develops distinctive smoky notes: aromas of forest floor, burnt vine shoots, mushrooms, moss, dried fruits, apricot, honey, beeswax, and gingerbread. Given its inherent discretion, Pinot Gris benefits from decanting a few moments before being served, in order for its complexity to be fully appreciated. Game, veal, pork and poultry, particularly when served with rich sauces, roasts, kidneys, mushrooms, risotto, polenta. Make this an ideal autumn pairing wine.



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